Welcome to Rightangle PR

RIGHTANGLE PR is a consummate enterprise that works. We are a team of professionals making a difference in the new world of public relations by deploying creative and bold new approaches in the delivery of measurable outcomes in the marketplace

Our Core Services

Diaspora - Home Trust (DHT) is a ‘keep-safe’ mechanism designed to help Nigerians in Diaspora pursue their dream projects, investments, and other financial transactions back home in Nigeria, without tears, having completely eliminated fraud and doubt that often bedevils the projects of Nigerians in Diaspora. Now Diasporans can have their projects run smoothly and transparently without the pressure to be physically present in Nigeria in order for the work to move along.
Our areas of competence include:

  • Construction 
  • Asset Procurement
  • Family & Domestic Affairs
  • General Corporate Services 
  • Tourism & Protocol
  • Events Planning & Management

Experience has shown how essential it is for governments and leaders at various levels to engage Public Relations (PR) as an effective tool for strategic engagements, building and managing relationships, goodwill, reputation, and development. Our experience in leadership and governance, understanding of trends, and knowledge of operating environment, enables us to know what needs to be done, when and how.

Attracting funding for projects or programmes is stiffly competitive. Yet, we find creative ways to raise needed funds for outstandingly peculiar projects. Such projects must have tangible outcome to add measurable value to the society.

Organisations without innovation die under competitive operating environment. We think deeply and creatively to bring out fresh ideas, generate original concepts, to develop unique projects that add value to clients, their stakeholders, and the society.

We all want our views to count and taken seriously. But we all don’t have the skill and expertise to push our views and leverage on the right skills to promote our interests. Also, mediation is very essential to restoring goodwill, relationships, and lost opportunities at many levels. We understand these challenges and provide appropriate tools and solutions to meet the needs of our clients.

Getting the best of PR Services can start from making the RIGHT contact...

Why Rightangle PR?

As reputation managers, we value our reputation more than any profit. This way we always strive to do the right thing, and obviously this is the reason clients seek our services.
The RIGHTANGLE PR team is a core asset of the company: specialists in their fields, dynamic individuals with deep experiences; dedicated professionals whose passion, energy and confidence are the primary reasons clients would refer RIGHTANGLE PR to others.
At RIGHTANGLE PR, we understand that delighting our clients is central to our future and success. We also understand that delighted clients support you, seek your services and eager for your next offering. This is our reason for making clients delight a core objective of our company. We listen when our clients share their story, we ask the right questions, we make our promises to our clients – We always exceed our promises in our delivery; that makes our clients seek for us, that makes us unique.

We are a leading PR practice, from Abuja to the rest of Africa. Our Mission is to build a consummate PR practice, driven by Ideas, Innovation, Passion, and Excellence